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I made a visit to the school to check up on Draco and I believe he was quite happy to see me, it was simply lovely. Well, quite lovely, really, excluding the mudblood speaking to us. How dare she. Honestly. The attitude was unneeded as well, she was quite rude and was unpleasant to say the least. I honestly hope the majority of the school is not overrun by such students...rude little mudbloods. It is quite disheartening for my faith in humanity, really. To think I defended that school.

After spending a bit of time with Draco I made a check up on his grades and paid a visit to his professors. It seems he is doing quite well, I am certainly glad over his magical ability. Perhaps I shall surprise him with some sort of reward on my next visit. We shall see if I find anything next time I go on a shopping trip. I am sure he will appreciate whatever I get him, really.

Kellia is the same as always, behaving like the princess she is. My little darling. The new nanny is working out just fine, she and Kellia get along rather well, really. The new nanny has even just about cured Kellia of her slight oral fixation. She is simply amazing with children, really.
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