Narcissa (narci_de_malfoy) wrote,


This week has been rather exhausting, really. After taking a small trip to Hogsmeade to meet with my stylist, Monday, I dropped by the castle for a short while. I imagined Draco would be delighted to see me, really, as we have not spent much time together as of late. I had brought him some fresh baked cookies, chocolate...his favourite. I do hope he enjoyed them after I left. He was in...lovely company when I arrived and I am regretful to mention I did let my anger get the best of me when I entered into the room. His guest and I had a marvelous little chat, however, and everything is just lovely now.

Once I returned to the Manor, I simply fell right to sleep, I've been so effete lately, most likely from Kellia...she's such a tiresome child. My prostrated semblance is probably due to the fact I have not got a nanny for Kellia any longer. I did, however, take care of that by hiring a new attendant for my daughter. I believe Kellia does enjoy this new nurserymaid quite a bit.

A friend dropped by this evening and we made a trip to Hogsmeade together for a brief shopping trip. I've purchased some tomes for divination, they are very enlightening. Of course, due to their antiquity, I cannot flip through them very often to read up a bit. The poor books would crumble before my eyes! After our excursion into the shopping world, we returned to the Manor for a spot of tea. It was lovely yo chat again. We haven't come together for quite a while lately.

[PRIVATE]Draco has been keeping company with Harry Potter and while I am angered at the disgusting display of homosexuality, it makes him happy. I believe he may actually love thhe boy, which is shocking to say the very least. Potter and I did come to an arrangement, however. He is to kill Lucius. He loves Draco, I can see it. I left them to their devices for the night.

Gilderoy dropped by. He did purchase some books for me, lovely ones sitting in my bookshelf at the moment. Then, we had a little time together. We shagged, of course. What else would I do with a man in my house who claims to love me, really? I have missed him, I wish he would stop by more often now that Lucius is in jail. We've both just been so terribly busy. He with his classes and I with Kellia.{/PRIVATE]

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