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Monsters such as werewolves and giants should all be put down, to save innocent lives.  Really, they're quite disgusting anyway.  Its so horrible that they let them live. 

Aside from being verbally insulted by a monster that also tried to intimidate me, I have stayed at the manner and tended to Kellia and Draco.  Really, I've hardly seen Draco.  If that monster attempts to carry out his threats, I will have him in Azkaban in seconds. Disgusting, vile monster. I hope they put him to death.

Perhaps I will take him on a shopping trip.  Get the school things I know he will be needing this year, the books can wait until it is closer to the term's start.    I need some new robes as well.  Some of my older ones are just positively tatty, honestly.  If I wear them I'd simply look like a pauper, a mudblood even.  Horrible.

A shopping trip is in store then.  Draco will have to go, of course.
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