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I have been making plans as late for a Welcome Home party for Lucius and his return from jail due to unsubstantiated accusations. I am thankful he has returned from prison and we shall be celebrating adequately, of course. Although, by adequately I do not mean rambunctiously...disruptions shall not be tolerated and all violators shall be banned from Malfoy Manor. I am sure Lucius would appreciate it if you all...let me rephrase, if all worthy parties attended our ball at the Manor. As such, our invitation is extended to every pureblood, transgressions done against our family forgotten for the night.

Other than planning a wonderfully glorious ball for my husband, I have been tending to Kellia. Her new nanny is working out wonderfully, really, and I am certainly glad to have her. She has been much better behaved than she ever has in the past and her constant gnawing has almost come to a complete stop. As such, anyone wanting to visit the baby may now do so without fear of her gnawing. I also made time to stop into Hogwarts and speak with one of Draco's professors. Professor Krum, I believe. He is a rather intelligent man, I think, and he gave me the needed information on how my son is doing in school.

I am very proud of his work. I hope the good grades continue until graduation.

- Narcissa Malfoy
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