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This week has been rather dull, really. I've had nothing to do at the Manor and I've been simply bored with not a person to talk to, excluding elves. But really, what good are they? Absolutely none as the insolent little fools can hardly handle a simple chore as keeping watch over a helpless baby. Honestly, the idiocy astounds me.

I believe I shall be starting the quest for new staff members for the Manor. I have been toying with the idea of letting the elves we have now, go. Timli has not been the same since Draco left for Hogwarts and she really is a disgrace. I do not believe it is still safe to leave a child with her, really. I do not want to employ a house elf I can no longer trust with my child's life. As for her other duties, she never has been quite up to par in completing them. We really have been doing her a great honour by keeping her in the family. Honestly, a house elf who cannot serve tea properly. That elf will be the abasement of the Malfoy name is she continues this way.

Tomorrow I am to have a house guest or two and I dearly pray that my elves do not cause me any ignominy. I do hope they will are able to be trusted with the simple devoir of serving biscuits and tea.

[PRIVATE]Gilderoy shall be coming to the manor on a...personal visit. After the altercation we had upon my last stop by his office, we do have much at hand. I certainly hope we will be able to work things out as I would hate to stop seeing him over his controlling nature.

I imagine I love the man in a way. That is, I would if love between anyone but mother and child were possible. I am quite fond of him though and I may be willing to comprimise a bit. Not entirely, mind, just a slight bit. I will not, under any circumstances, have him controlling me as he would like.[/PRIVATE]

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