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I spent the afternoon in Hogsmeade, yesterday, visiting with my darling Draco. I do hope he comes to see his new pet dragon in the very near future, I would love to see him at the Manor once again. Draco and I met in a small café in Hogsmeade...just outside the play house, they do have the loveliest tea there...the café, not the play house. Draco did not have a bite to eat the entire palaver we had. I wish he had waited to dine with me, really. It was a simply wonderful day as I have missed him a great deal. I do hope he is doing spelndid, at least, better than when I last stopped by the school.

When I returned to the Manor I had to let go a house elf, a positive disgrace to the Malfoy name. She had been vested with the responsability of caring for my dear Kellia while I was in town with Draco. I returned to the Manor to find Kellia's room a mess and my daughter nowhere to be found. Eventually, and with much assistance from the amenable house elves remaining, Kellia was found under my bed. She had fallen asleep with a stuffed and sleeping charmed unicorn toy. She'd taken to one of my garments and made a little bed under my own with the robe.

[PRIVATE]Gilderoy and I have decided it would be best if he were to cease seeing me. Thr truth is, I decided, really. I will not have him trying to control who I sleep with. I have never been with one man at a time as men do not know the meaning of monogamy and love. Such things to not honestly exist between lovers. There is love bewteen a mother and child, that is all. Love does not otherwise exist and I will not have Giledroy, or any other human, making a fool out of me by convincing me it does.[/PRIVATE]

[PRIVATE ABSQUE GILDEROY]We should have a discussion on the matter of our relationship. If you can refrain from control I believe we could work out an arrangement to remain together. I would like to remain as lovers, Gilderoy.

I do miss you but I will not have you controlling who I spend my company on. We have much to talk about if you are still interested in abiding to a relationship. [/PRIVATE]

((OOC: 'Absque' is latin for 'excluding'. I thought it would be nice to have some latin in there as we're going with the idea that the journals are charmed to allow only one to see. ))
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