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A belated Happy Christmas to the worthy.

I am quite in pain at the moment as the pet dragon I had gotten for Draco blew fire and has singed my arm recently. The little beast obviously did not want me down on the grounds paying him a visit. He is a rather lovely creature, however. Quite powerful and marvelous, if I must say. Either way, there is a large burn on my arm that magical salves have not been able to rid me of as it was produced by a dargon. Little nussiance. I do hope Draco comes to the Manor to visit his lovely pet, really. He hasn't seen it though I have told him where we've put the dragon, along with housing his trainer.

Kellia enjoyed her first Christmas, I think. As much a young baby can, really. She does love the Nénhollo magical teacups I got her, they may be a tad premature but she does love them nonetheless. I also got her a lovely, very decorative and high-qaulity, hand-held Comradé Mirror but in a small fit, she's broken it already. I will have to get her another but, of course, I will need to watch her more carefully.

Draco, do owl more often dear.

I also have plans to visit the school when I can find a proper nanny for Kellia. The nanny I've hired for the time being is not quite what I had in mind and insists on commanding me in my own home. Positively dreadful manners, really. When would be best for you, Draco, dear?

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