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I can't believe it

Life has not been as grand as I'd like, with my darling husband being in jail once again. Honestly, it is astounding. Once again, justice will prevail. I hope to have my husband home soon, we have much to discuss, really.

I paid a visit to the school a few or two ago as well. Draco and I had a lovely little chat about school and his life. He has been so positively distant the last few months. I had to make sure my son was still doing well, really, it is a mother's duty afterall. As always, he was rather curt but I have fdetermined what was disturbing him. Revenge shall be sought for anyone who has wronged my son.

Professor Lockhart also offered me a brief moment of his time to have a long discussion on the matter of Draco's grades. He is doing well in classes, it seems. Though a smart woman, as any Malfoy wife would be, knows things are not always as seen by the eye. The professor was quite uplifting on the matter, really, and I am thankful to him once again. Remus Lupin, the muggles studies professor, was at Lockhart's office as well. He dropped by Professor Lockhart's office for a short time, all too brief I think. I do hope to see him again, I would have liked to have a talk about Draco's muggle studies class.

[Private] Draco has gotten the mark, I cannot believe that horrid little bastard of a husband could do that to his own son! Has he no consideration for anyone?! I at least liked to hope he had enough left for his own child! I warned Draco not to take the mark and it seems he had been forced. I know my son, I know he would never want such a thing!

Lucius shall pay. One day, he shall pay for every little time he has struck me, every time he has sold my soul to the Dark Lord. He will pay for selling our child's soul. It is little consolation he has been jailed and I do hope they give him the Kiss. [/Private]

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