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Just ghastly

I am appalled at the job the Ministry is doing in terms of constabulary. While they are condemning my husband for such positively outrageous crimes, they are wasting time. They should be pursuing the real offender; in our community finding the real perpetrator rather than destroying upstanding, respectable families such as mine.

I do hope the wizarding community keeps in mind that my husband is innocent and it shall be proven so when his trial is held. That is, if the Ministry deems it quite fair to even give him that courtesy. Honestly, my husband would never do such a thing as murder a ministry member. This investigation as been nothing but haphazard and, really, they never looked elsewhere for the assassinator. They were determined to prove my husband guilty whether it was the truth or not.

In addition, I would like to note in regard to the report in the Prophet, they have dragged our family through the mud in recent months, and I am sorry to say that we shall be pulling our funding of the newspaper. My son has not been committed to St. Mungo's nor is my husband guilty or any such crimes. I always believed the Prophet was above such defamation but now I see we were sadly mistaken in helping to fund the slanderous paper.

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