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(Jeu avec un serpent )

[15/08, 2004 @ 05:02]
[ mood | apathetic ]

I went shopping for those robes finally, but really their quality has gone down since the last time I've been there so I only bought one.  I ran into Klara, I'm afraid she frightened my poor shopping companion.  How terrible.  Draco now has all his school supplies and what we could not get in good quality, we shall owl away for.  They should be here by the time school begins.  It is coming all too quickly.

I do he has the proper influences, with this war seeming to be going on.  I hope he does not fall under any misguidance at Hogwarts.  Honestly, that would be quite terrible.

(Jeu avec un serpent )

[29/07, 2004 @ 20:41]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I'd forgotten how badly Ingrid hated her name all her life last time I made my entry.  She's recently decided to go by Klara, I happen to prefer Ingrid myself.  Shame its not my name.  I still have plans to go shopping with her, though.  I need to get Kellia her first set of fancy dress robes.  It will be a proud day.  Rob shopping.  After that, I will be taking Draco to shop as well.

I have decided red is not my colour and I'm going with a red-orange.  It is almost a red but still not enough to clash.  I think that colour would look quite nice.  I'll have to do a different li colour charm for the start of fall as well.  A complete make over.  Klara will be treated to the same.

(Jeu avec un serpent )

[25/07, 2004 @ 15:32]
[ mood | cheerful ]

It has been so terribly dull here at the manor and I've hardly seen Draco all holiday, really.  I was thinking of setting out early on our trip for his school supplies.  Perhaps my friend Ingrid shall accompany us, she is here from Sweeden and it would be a shame to ignore her the entire holiday.  Really.  My manners have deteriorated as of late and they have become rather disgraceful, ignoring a guest.  Imagine.  Yes, she shall accompany us to Diagon Alley for Draco's school supplies.  I am still not entirely sure when we shall be going but it will not be too long from now.  I need a new robe for the occasion.  Perhaps something burgundy.  I do try and stray from reds but it will be fall very shortly and I must dress for the weather.

I was also playing with the idea of having another party.  Perhaps for Kellia's birthday, she will be a year old very soon..my, how the time has passed.  Draco is ready to graduate and move on in life and my daughter is just turning a year.  It is positively amazing how natural families progress.  It is quite a shame not all people can be natural and contribute positively to society, really.  It is simply a shame the people they let have children, corrupt those children.  Disgusting.

(Jeu avec un serpent )

[8/07, 2004 @ 10:55]
[ mood | cranky ]

[PRIVATE]As of late I've hardly had anything to do around the manor which is rather disappointing considered the recent number of occupants here.  Gilderoy did spend the night a few days ago but left in a poncy little fit over my sister being a deatheater.  Honestly.  It is almost depressing, the sort of man I've welcomed into my bed and I almost think less of myself for shagging a man so utterly idiotic and spineless.  As Severus said, I could do better.  Or, something along those lines.  Really, I could and it is quite a shame that I have lost my touch so much that I welcome Gilderoy Lockhart.  Not only have I welcomed him but I was so careless and stupid to believe for a brief time that he did love me.  I do not imagine I will be seeing him ever again.

For once, however, I am happy to have married Lucius for it means I no longer literally hold the name of Black as it has become so tarnished lately.  A name I once held proudly has become so terribly shameful on the ears.  Sirius, my cousin, is in an asylum because of the mental anguish Azkaban has put on him.  I have been keeping myself busy by harassing his husband in a show of my utter supremacy over them and it disgusts me to see what has become of Sirius.Although foolish, he was always quite brave.  And, although we did not agree on many points he held a certain Slytherin quality in that he did always try and get what he wanted.  Really, we are not quite that different.  And, although I do hate him, he is family and it pains me to see his insanity.  That night when I stopped in there quarters at Hogwarts was painful when i thought it would not be and saw no reason for it. 

Bella, though she tries has also tarnished our name.  I love my sister but how could she have been so stupid as to have gotten caught for years?  She shames our family in that way but I am glad she has returned to the manor.  Like my cousin, Bellatrix is plagued with insanity that is hard to watch.  Sometimes I will see her muttering and shouting to herself.  She mumbles incoherent and utterly unbelievable things.  I simply leave the room to allow her that insanity and it is disgusting.  Azkaban has ruined my family name along with the help of my family.

It is not as though the name Malfoy is any less tarnished between Draco and Lucius.  If only there were a way to rectify all the dishonour.[/PRIVATE]

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[1/07, 2004 @ 20:33]
[ mood | cranky ]

Monsters such as werewolves and giants should all be put down, to save innocent lives.  Really, they're quite disgusting anyway.  Its so horrible that they let them live. 

Aside from being verbally insulted by a monster that also tried to intimidate me, I have stayed at the manner and tended to Kellia and Draco.  Really, I've hardly seen Draco.  If that monster attempts to carry out his threats, I will have him in Azkaban in seconds. Disgusting, vile monster. I hope they put him to death.

Perhaps I will take him on a shopping trip.  Get the school things I know he will be needing this year, the books can wait until it is closer to the term's start.    I need some new robes as well.  Some of my older ones are just positively tatty, honestly.  If I wear them I'd simply look like a pauper, a mudblood even.  Horrible.

A shopping trip is in store then.  Draco will have to go, of course.

(Jeu avec un serpent )

[23/05, 2004 @ 19:26]
[ mood | relieved ]

[PRIVATE]Bella escaped with the rest of the deatheaters although I have not been in contact with her until recently. She has a journal and I took the opportunity to jump at my chance and spoke with my sister, really. Honestly, it was a short conversation and it ended with her staying at the manor. Its been so lonely since a few short years after Draco was sent to school. My sister is back in my home though her Lord has kept her husband. I'd expect no less of him, really.

When she arrived she had already showered. The house elves already had drawn her bath and she was asking for conditioner. She had showered at her master's. I have a great sense of pity for her, honestly. She mentioned the looks he was giving her making her uneasy. I know those looks and I know Bellatrix will most certainly be able to take care of herself. Much better than I have managed to do, really.

We chatted a bit while she was awake and I have not seen her today so I've assumed she's slept in. I am sure much talking is to come.[/PRIVATE]

(Jeu avec un serpent )

[16/05, 2004 @ 17:52]
[ mood | apathetic ]

Mostly I've been staying around the manor, tending to Kellia. I have not paid Draco another visit, though I should. I believe this week I shall check his progrss with schoolwork. I am sure he's doing quite well, however...he is a Malfoy, afterall.

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[22/04, 2004 @ 15:19]
[ mood | happy ]

I made a visit to the school to check up on Draco and I believe he was quite happy to see me, it was simply lovely. Well, quite lovely, really, excluding the mudblood speaking to us. How dare she. Honestly. The attitude was unneeded as well, she was quite rude and pushy...it was unpleasant to say the least. I honestly hope the majority of the school is not overrun by such students...rude little mudbloods. It is quite disheartening for my faith in humanity, really. To think I defended that school.

After spending a bit of time with Draco I made a check up on his grades and paid a visit to his professors. It seems he is doing quite well, I am certainly glad over his magical ability. Perhaps I shall surprise him with some sort of reward on my next visit. We shall see if I find anything next time I go on a shopping trip. I am sure he will appreciate whatever I get him, really.

Kellia is the same as always, behaving like the princess she is. My little darling. The new nanny is working out just fine, she and Kellia get along rather well, really. The new nanny has even just about cured Kellia of her slight oral fixation. She is simply amazing with children, really.

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[3/04, 2004 @ 20:56]
[ mood | exhausted ]

The banquet I had planned recently went admirably well, I must say, really. The only discontinuance was that Lucius was not there to participate in a soiree honouring him. We all missed him dearly, but really, the celebration continued without his pressence. Many influencial families were present and I've had the chance to reacquaint myself with some very dear old friends. I chatted with some companions I have not spoken to since Kellia's birth.

I believe Draco has been behaving at the school lately. I am not sure, however. I believe maybe I should pay a visit to one of his professors...just to check up on his schoolwork and the like. I do hope he is not making some sort of mockery of our family name as he has in the past. It is quite a shame to hear the tales of his misbehavior when I pay him visits.

I shall be dropping in on our dear family friend, Professor Lockhart, very shortly, I think. Perhaps I will do so tomorrow.

(Jeu avec un serpent )

[17/03, 2004 @ 20:37]
((OOC: I'd just like to say that I love HP Melodrama and all the players in it. You guys are really awesome and I love how you RP so well. Really, HP Melodrama rocks.))

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[17/03, 2004 @ 19:30]
[ mood | busy ]

I have been making plans as late for a Welcome Home party for Lucius and his return from jail due to unsubstantiated accusations. I am thankful he has returned from prison and we shall be celebrating adequately, of course. Although, by adequately I do not mean rambunctiously...disruptions shall not be tolerated and all violators shall be banned from Malfoy Manor. I am sure Lucius would appreciate it if you all...let me rephrase, if all worthy parties attended our ball at the Manor. As such, our invitation is extended to every pureblood, transgressions done against our family forgotten for the night.

Other than planning a wonderfully glorious ball for my husband, I have been tending to Kellia. Her new nanny is working out wonderfully, really, and I am certainly glad to have her. She has been much better behaved than she ever has in the past and her constant gnawing has almost come to a complete stop. As such, anyone wanting to visit the baby may now do so without fear of her gnawing. I also made time to stop into Hogwarts and speak with one of Draco's professors. Professor Krum, I believe. He is a rather intelligent man, I think, and he gave me the needed information on how my son is doing in school.

I am very proud of his work. I hope the good grades continue until graduation.

- Narcissa Malfoy

(Jeu avec un serpent )

[3/03, 2004 @ 10:59]
[ mood | scared ]

I have heard of the recent deaths at Hogwarts and I must say, I am appalled at the job Headmaster Dumbledore is doing at that school, really. First, he has the audacity to force the students perform a muggle play, something for idle minds that should be learning spells, no doubt. Now, there has been an attack on the student body, leaving several students as well as an equally ineffectual and utterly floundering member of the Hogwarts staff, dead. How absolutely absurd that we leave such an incompetent gomeral in such a position of high esteem. Honestly, has the Ministry no authority over the magical world at all any longer?

I was simply distraught over the recent deaths at Hogwarts and my fear for Draco residing in that school that I asked a family friend to stay the weekend as a sort of protection. Gilderoy Lockhart, who unbelievably, is a professor at that very school, stayed to guard over that house and my daughter Kellia the entire weekend and for that I am emphatically thankful to him. As I am still alive to be making an update on this disgustingly muggle device, he obviously performed his duty quite well in fact. I have been pondering over the idea to get a few more guards at the Manor as of late and I now think it is time to make the final step and hire a few. I believe it would be a brilliant idea in this time of war when the people in power are so utterly unqualified for the positions they hold.

[PRIVATE]I am just waiting Lucius' return to the manor. I cannot say I do not fear for my life. I look forward to his death.[/PRIVATE]

(Jeu avec un serpent )

Excursions [18/02, 2004 @ 21:59]
This week has been rather exhausting, really. After taking a small trip to Hogsmeade to meet with my stylist, Monday, I dropped by the castle for a short while. I imagined Draco would be delighted to see me, really, as we have not spent much time together as of late. I had brought him some fresh baked cookies, chocolate...his favourite. I do hope he enjoyed them after I left. He was in...lovely company when I arrived and I am regretful to mention I did let my anger get the best of me when I entered into the room. His guest and I had a marvelous little chat, however, and everything is just lovely now.

Once I returned to the Manor, I simply fell right to sleep, I've been so effete lately, most likely from Kellia...she's such a tiresome child. My prostrated semblance is probably due to the fact I have not got a nanny for Kellia any longer. I did, however, take care of that by hiring a new attendant for my daughter. I believe Kellia does enjoy this new nurserymaid quite a bit.

A friend dropped by this evening and we made a trip to Hogsmeade together for a brief shopping trip. I've purchased some tomes for divination, they are very enlightening. Of course, due to their antiquity, I cannot flip through them very often to read up a bit. The poor books would crumble before my eyes! After our excursion into the shopping world, we returned to the Manor for a spot of tea. It was lovely yo chat again. We haven't come together for quite a while lately.

[PRIVATE]Draco has been keeping company with Harry Potter and while I am angered at the disgusting display of homosexuality, it makes him happy. I believe he may actually love thhe boy, which is shocking to say the very least. Potter and I did come to an arrangement, however. He is to kill Lucius. He loves Draco, I can see it. I left them to their devices for the night.

Gilderoy dropped by. He did purchase some books for me, lovely ones sitting in my bookshelf at the moment. Then, we had a little time together. We shagged, of course. What else would I do with a man in my house who claims to love me, really? I have missed him, I wish he would stop by more often now that Lucius is in jail. We've both just been so terribly busy. He with his classes and I with Kellia.{/PRIVATE]

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[7/02, 2004 @ 22:00]
[ mood | peaceful ]

I have come to a descision and let my house elf go, she simply was not performing her duties very well. I am quite distraught over having to make this descision. I shall be in need of a new house elf for quite a while. I suppose there are worse things, I could have a werewolf in my family for example. How atrocious that would be.

I do plan on having a few guests over for a light social gathering at the Manor within the next month. If all goes well, I will have a new house elf to plan the soiree by that time. I've already begun compiling a guest list along with the menu for my elves.

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Very well [23/01, 2004 @ 21:21]
[ mood | contemplative ]

This week has been rather dull, really. I've had nothing to do at the Manor and I've been simply bored with not a person to talk to, excluding elves. But really, what good are they? Absolutely none as the insolent little fools can hardly handle a simple chore as keeping watch over a helpless baby. Honestly, the idiocy astounds me.

I believe I shall be starting the quest for new staff members for the Manor. I have been toying with the idea of letting the elves we have now, go. Timli has not been the same since Draco left for Hogwarts and she really is a disgrace. I do not believe it is still safe to leave a child with her, really. I do not want to employ a house elf I can no longer trust with my child's life. As for her other duties, she never has been quite up to par in completing them. We really have been doing her a great honour by keeping her in the family. Honestly, a house elf who cannot serve tea properly. That elf will be the abasement of the Malfoy name is she continues this way.

Tomorrow I am to have a house guest or two and I dearly pray that my elves do not cause me any ignominy. I do hope they will are able to be trusted with the simple devoir of serving biscuits and tea.

PRIVATECollapse )

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Yes.. [20/01, 2004 @ 17:45]
[ mood | indescribable ]

I spent the afternoon in Hogsmeade, yesterday, visiting with my darling Draco. I do hope he comes to see his new pet dragon in the very near future, I would love to see him at the Manor once again. Draco and I met in a small café in Hogsmeade...just outside the play house, they do have the loveliest tea there...the café, not the play house. Draco did not have a bite to eat the entire palaver we had. I wish he had waited to dine with me, really. It was a simply wonderful day as I have missed him a great deal. I do hope he is doing spelndid, at least, better than when I last stopped by the school.

When I returned to the Manor I had to let go a house elf, a positive disgrace to the Malfoy name. She had been vested with the responsability of caring for my dear Kellia while I was in town with Draco. I returned to the Manor to find Kellia's room a mess and my daughter nowhere to be found. Eventually, and with much assistance from the amenable house elves remaining, Kellia was found under my bed. She had fallen asleep with a stuffed and sleeping charmed unicorn toy. She'd taken to one of my garments and made a little bed under my own with the robe.

PRIVATECollapse )

[PRIVATE ABSQUE GILDEROY]We should have a discussion on the matter of our relationship. If you can refrain from control I believe we could work out an arrangement to remain together. I would like to remain as lovers, Gilderoy.

I do miss you but I will not have you controlling who I spend my company on. We have much to talk about if you are still interested in abiding to a relationship. [/PRIVATE]

((OOC: 'Absque' is latin for 'excluding'. I thought it would be nice to have some latin in there as we're going with the idea that the journals are charmed to allow only one to see. ))

(Jeu avec un serpent )

A belated Happy Christmas to the worthy. [7/01, 2004 @ 05:35]
[ mood | sore ]

I am quite in pain at the moment as the pet dragon I had gotten for Draco blew fire and has singed my arm recently. The little beast obviously did not want me down on the grounds paying him a visit. He is a rather lovely creature, however. Quite powerful and marvelous, if I must say. Either way, there is a large burn on my arm that magical salves have not been able to rid me of as it was produced by a dargon. Little nussiance. I do hope Draco comes to the Manor to visit his lovely pet, really. He hasn't seen it though I have told him where we've put the dragon, along with housing his trainer.

Kellia enjoyed her first Christmas, I think. As much a young baby can, really. She does love the Nénhollo magical teacups I got her, they may be a tad premature but she does love them nonetheless. I also got her a lovely, very decorative and high-qaulity, hand-held Comradé Mirror but in a small fit, she's broken it already. I will have to get her another but, of course, I will need to watch her more carefully.

Draco, do owl more often dear.

I also have plans to visit the school when I can find a proper nanny for Kellia. The nanny I've hired for the time being is not quite what I had in mind and insists on commanding me in my own home. Positively dreadful manners, really. When would be best for you, Draco, dear?

(Jeu avec un serpent )

I can't believe it [3/01, 2004 @ 20:49]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Life has not been as grand as I'd like, with my darling husband being in jail once again. Honestly, it is astounding. Once again, justice will prevail. I hope to have my husband home soon, we have much to discuss, really.

I paid a visit to the school a few or two ago as well. Draco and I had a lovely little chat about school and his life. He has been so positively distant the last few months. I had to make sure my son was still doing well, really, it is a mother's duty afterall. As always, he was rather curt but I have fdetermined what was disturbing him. Revenge shall be sought for anyone who has wronged my son.

Professor Lockhart also offered me a brief moment of his time to have a long discussion on the matter of Draco's grades. He is doing well in classes, it seems. Though a smart woman, as any Malfoy wife would be, knows things are not always as seen by the eye. The professor was quite uplifting on the matter, really, and I am thankful to him once again. Remus Lupin, the muggles studies professor, was at Lockhart's office as well. He dropped by Professor Lockhart's office for a short time, all too brief I think. I do hope to see him again, I would have liked to have a talk about Draco's muggle studies class.

PRIVATECollapse )

(Jeu avec un serpent )

Just ghastly [19/12, 2003 @ 15:03]
[ mood | shocked ]

I am appalled at the job the Ministry is doing in terms of constabulary. While they are condemning my husband for such positively outrageous crimes, they are wasting time. They should be pursuing the real offender; in our community finding the real perpetrator rather than destroying upstanding, respectable families such as mine.

I do hope the wizarding community keeps in mind that my husband is innocent and it shall be proven so when his trial is held. That is, if the Ministry deems it quite fair to even give him that courtesy. Honestly, my husband would never do such a thing as murder a ministry member. This investigation as been nothing but haphazard and, really, they never looked elsewhere for the assassinator. They were determined to prove my husband guilty whether it was the truth or not.

In addition, I would like to note in regard to the report in the Prophet, they have dragged our family through the mud in recent months, and I am sorry to say that we shall be pulling our funding of the newspaper. My son has not been committed to St. Mungo's nor is my husband guilty or any such crimes. I always believed the Prophet was above such defamation but now I see we were sadly mistaken in helping to fund the slanderous paper.

(Jeu avec un serpent )

[25/11, 2003 @ 02:27]
[ mood | shocked ]

Draco's birthday party when swimmingly well, if I must say. I do want to thank everyone in attendance and I also would like to make a formal thank you for all the gifts you bestowed upon my son. Draco has taken a holiday from schoolwork as a sort of cooming of age birthday gift from his father and I. He will be returning from this holiday in no time flat although I am quite sure you will all miss him dearly in his absence.

Once again, thank you for making his birthday a simply lovely event.

My life, however, have been plagued by nightmares. Though, with a simple sleeping potion the nightmares have stopped.

[private] The dreams involved Draco and the Dark Lord. I had always begged him not to join and he hadn't. In this dream the Dark Lord requested it of him and he refused. That was his mistake. The Dark Lord struck him with the killing curse and his body lay in a twisted pile on a dingy floor.

The Dark Lord came to my home. He asked for Kellia and when I refused, he struck me down as well and took my child. He took her with him to Merlin knows where to do who knows what.

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